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Announcing: Raven.js 1.0

If you’ve used Raven.js in the past, I’m sorry. It probably didn’t work well, and you probably ended up with a ton of strange Script Error. logs.

Today, I’m excited to announce a full rewrite of Raven.js with the goal of actually making stack traces in JavaScript meaningful.

Throughout this process, I’ve learned much more about error handling in JavaScript than I’ve ever wanted to, and in turn, learned how equally terrible it is.

One of the goals with 1.0 is, in general, a much better understanding of why things weren’t working right and figuring out solutions, either on our end or yours, to make the errors as meaningful as possible.

Also, from this point on, I’m personally committed to making Raven.js the best tool for debugging client side exceptions, and I encourage sending me feedback and reporting issues and ideas to make the project better. It’s very hard to identify every scenario in every browser alone!

If you are using GetSentry, you can begin trying out the new Raven.js today. If not, you’ll want to upgrade to Sentry 5.3.

I hope you enjoy it!